Product Characteristics

Realtime Tracking

You are able to view your vehicle's current position of your vehicle at any time.

Realtime Tracking


Geofences allow you to set operational routes or boundaries for your vehicle(s) and any violations of these operational routes or boundaries you will be notified.


Historical Playback

You are able to view how your Vehicle has travelled for any particular date, time or period as long as the information required lies within 2 months for current and the date required for viewing. It shows time, speed and any alarms or violations that would have taken place.


Instant Notications

Get instant notifications of violations to the rules you have set for your vehicles. Speed Alarm is triggered when a Vehicle exceeds the maximum speed limit you have set on your Vehicle.Boundary or Route violations.

Reporting Tools

DISTANCE REPORTS: Shows Distance Travelled by your Vehicle for what ever time/period you require to know about. TRIP REPORTS: Shows a full Itenarary of how your Vehicle has Travelled from Point A to Point B. STOP REPORTS: Shows all stoppages made by your vehicle when it was Travelling.
SERVICE REMINDER: A reminder to when your Vehicle requires Servicing.


Fuel Management